Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Web Sites for Teens and Parents -- Make an Impact!

Jane Pierce kindly sent the following web links and descriptions of organizations that are equipping teens to make an impact on culture.

Do Hard Things (Alex and Brett Harris)
This web site has lots of resources, book lists, etc. They also have a conference tour as well. (Alabama in August & DC in September) This is a YouTube clip from the Do Hard Things Conference.

Generation Joshua
Civic and political bent. They want to help parents train up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens. There are meetings, on-line classes in a variety of subjects (that can be taken for credit), etc. Something that particularly interested me was that they have a book club. Students read the specified book and then about 1X month there is an on-line discussion. If you'll be using this for credit, the student can send in a short report and receive back a sort of 'certificate of completion' but their work is not actually graded. They also have scholarships (books and tuition only) that can be earned based on specified activities. This is very hands on, they encourage things like registering new voters, participating in campaigns, etc. Next week there is a national conference in Washington DC, where they'll be meeting a variety of leaders, having tours, classes and activities.

The Big Dig
An apologetics simulcast, sponsored by Focus on the Family. There may be something closer, but a couple of us are going to Plant City for the simulcast on August 8. The Big Dig is geared for teens and young adults.

Teen Pact
They teach the foundations of government with the legislative branch, beginning with one week at the state capitol. Their focus is on Biblical principles of government and family, and that God is the answer to America's problems, not politics. They also want to train the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens. There is optional 'homework' to do ahead of time (it's an important part of the process). This hands-on course makes 'civics' much more interesting.

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