Thursday, July 16, 2009

High School 101 by Cheryl Bastian

Credits. GPA's. Transcripts. Where do I start? Cheryl Bastian will explain the nuts and bolts of home educating through high school. Attendees will learn the high school lingo, how to establish goals and create a four-year plan, how to award credits, and how to organize records. Come hear practical tips for keeping a clear vision while on the high school journey.

This workshop will be offered during Session 1 at 10 AM.


  1. Yeah!! I am so excited about this workshop!
    Thank you SO much ladies for helping us fellow homeschoolers.
    I will be attending the HS 101 for the 1st session but I am wishing that I were a triplet so that I could go to ALL of them!!
    If I can make it to session 2 without a phone call "come home please". I will attend the other one that Cheryl is doing and again I would love to go to them all.
    See you Saturday ladies! --Bonnie

  2. I can't wait to attend. Thank you, ladies, for all your help as we minister to our children. I will be attending Cheryl's workshops.