Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Praying for Our Teens -- Not Just a Workshop!

Dear friends,

"Praying for Our Teens" is not just a workshop title, it's something we mothers need to do every day!

I know that very few of you -- if any! -- will actually come to that session, and that's just fine with me. The real thrust of it is that I'm going to be there to pray for you, and so I know God will show up, too! If you want to request intercessory prayer for your teens, feel free to write it down and hand it to me at lunch. I'll be delighted to pray for you whether or not you come in the room for the prayer workshop.

When Cheryl asked me a few weeks ago if I would consider doing a second workshop session, I told her that I didn't think so since she and Meredith already have great ones during that time, but I would see what God laid on my heart. I prayed about it, that is what came to mind, and my husband Thad confirmed it when I mentioned it to him. When I brought it up to Meredith, she asked if Cheryl had already told me that they wanted to have a prayer room open during the day! Well no, but I have to say that so often "praying minds think alike" because we are trying to listen to the Lord's leading!

As the three of us prepare for Finish Well, our heart is for God to pour out his grace on your families, and that is not going to happen just by us telling you what we know about home schooling. We all need God's divine anointing! Let's all humble ourselves and ask for the guidance and strength to honor him in all we do. Please intercede for us, too, as we get ready for Saturday!
I will have handouts to give to anyone who wants them on Saturday. You can also find my tentative version on my web site at www.VirginiaKnowles.com/PrayingForOurTeens.

Praying God's most abundant blessings on you and yours,

Virginia Knowles, for Cheryl and Meredith

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