Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art Show Pieces and Another Graduate!

"Still Life 1"
from the book
James and the Giant Peach
by Roald Dahl
(Yes, those are the sea gulls carrying
the peach across the ocean.)

Photo by Joanna Knowles
My daughter Lydia was home schooled up through 9th grade, then transferred to a public school where she took primarily honors and AP courses for 10th and 11th. She was also president of the art club and a member of the drama set crew.  (See Making the Transition into Public High School or College.) She wanted to dual enroll at Seminole State for her senior year to take advanced math, science, and more art.  She couldn't dual enroll full-time while enrolled in the public school, so she decided to re-enroll in the private home school program she had been in before.  Next week, she will be our fifth graduate from The Regent Academy.   

One of the great perks about dual enrolling is the opportunity to take art classes from professional college level instructors.  Lydia really liked her teachers there, and I guess they liked her too since two of her pieces were selected to be included in SSC Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition and the pencil sketch won a prize.  She is trying to decide whether to go to art school after she gets her AA, or whether to major in science.  Either way, I'm so proud of Lydia and her artistic accomplishments!  She has three more large ceramic pieces sitting in our dining room now, and I'll try to photograph them soon.

Virginia Knowles


  1. Beautiful photos! May your daughter continue to develop & use her talent! I visited from A Wise Woman :)

  2. Congratulations to both you and your lovely daughter. As the wife and manager of a professional artist, I encourage her to pursue her studies on her own, regardless of whether or not she attends art school. My Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson, encourages his workshop students to do three major things: 1)paint paint paint or sculpt sculpt sculpt -- too many artists spend too little time at what they do and 2) study art that you like, both dead and live artists, and analyze why you like it or why you don't, and 3) make sure you have a firm handle on the basics and aren't continuously compensating for the lack of them. Best wishes for Lydia in her future. Visited you from Simply Helping Him.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog and post over at WholeHearted Home. There is a plethora of resources here!!