Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's SAT Time!

A new school year! Like me, you're probably working through your high school student's four-year plan. I noticed "Make a plan to take the SAT". Did you?

The day is upon us! It's time to make that plan as the deadline for regular registration for the first sitting of the test, nears. Here is a run through of what we need to do in the next week or so.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Register for the SAT" on the lower left-hand corner.
  3. From the left sidebar, select "Test Dates and Fees".
  4. Scroll down to "U.S. Registration Deadlines".
  5. You will see that the deadline for regular registration for the first sitting, October 10, is September 9.
  6. To register, click on "Registering" in the left side bar. Follow the instructions.
  7. If you are not registering for the first test, glance through the other test dates and deadlines. Write these in dates in your calendar or on your digital reminder.
The site has many helps and tools. If this is new territory for you, spend some time reading and familiarizing yourself with the information. If it is too much to digest in one sitting, bookmark the site and return frequently.

Areas we have found helpful include:
College entrance testing can be daunting, but with some planning and preparation, you can head off unnecessary anxiety. It truly does help to be prepared. Take those first steps this week.

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